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Barb Hodgens

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How to grind coffee in a blender

Fast, consistent and an easy clean-up. 

Coffee beans begin to lose their freshness soon after they are ground so if you desire maximum freshness for your morning coffee, grinding beans at home in small batches is the answer. A coffee grinder, however, is yet another appliance to find space for in your kitchen. The Vibe Blender System is the perfect space saving alternative. If you’re concerned about the consistency of your grind, there’s no need to be. The Vibe’s high-speed blades break down coffee beans so evenly and consistently without overheating that you can officially do away with your single use coffee grinder for good.

Freshly ground coffee’s greatest enemies are air, moisture, heat, and light but if you follow our simple steps, you’ll always enjoy delicious tasting coffee without any bitterness.

how to grind coffee in the blender

Most importantly always blend in small batches, so the beans have ample room to move around in the jug and grind as quickly as possible without generating too much heat. The amount you blend should be determined by how much coffee you use per week. Keep in mind that once coffee has been ground, its flavour begins to deteriorate right away. The main thing that damages ground coffee is prolonged exposure to air, so always store freshly ground coffee in a canister with an airtight seal. 

how to grind coffee beans in a blender


1.   Ensure the blender jug and lid are completely dry.
2.   Add ½ - 1 cup of coffee beans into the blender jug. (Either the clear or stainless-steel jug)

3.   Choose ‘nut’ mode and blend for 20 seconds for a coarse blend or 30-40 seconds for a fine blend. Stop and check on the texture after 20 seconds but be mindful to keep the blend time to a minimum to prevent the jug from heating up.
4.   Use the spatula to scrape out the coffee. The freshly ground coffee will compact to the sides of the jug, especially with a fine grind.
5.   Store the coffee in an airtight container in a cool place.


Simply fill the jug with 2 cups of tap water, add a dash of liquid soap and then blend for 30 seconds. Tip out the water then rinse with warm water.


how to grind coffee in a blender